For Immediate Release- oct 5.pdf For Immediate Release- oct 5.pdf
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Here's the press release that went out to all Toronto news outlets today.  Please expect that there might be media at any of the events listed. Feel free to forward this press release. 

Hosting Sched.rev.10.05.pdf Hosting Sched.rev.10.05.pdf
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Trip Roster for Roll Call.docx Trip Roster for Roll Call.docx
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Here's the detailed version of the hosting schedule. Click on it to download.  I will keep the  version up to date on the website.

Just when we thought things couldn't get any better. Thank you Cirque du Soleil for welcoming us all to the show! These kids are going to be blown away!


The Shot challenge has come to an end!

So far we brought in $7787.40 

We made $2905.71 from the bottle drive.  

Our kids fundraised over $10 000 - AWESOME!!!   

The schedule is up!

Check out the fantastic week we have planned for all the kids. Lots of hockey, Niagara Falls, and the ROM. 

To see the schedule click on the picture or on the Toronto tab. 

Great news is coming for all your kids : They are all going to a Leafs Game !!! (The Home Opener)  Thanks Scotiabank for the free TIX!!!!!!

October 12th, 2017  ASSEMBLY AT ST. LEO'S CS

We are thrilled to announce that Juno award winning musician and motivational speaker Susan Aglukark will be offering a speaking and singing presentation of Canadian Inuit history. Through songs and stories, she will take students on the journey of the Inuit over the last 1000 years and shed some light on the psychological and cultural impact of that rapid change. For more info click on the picture.